Taylorsville Lake Report

Can you believe how great the weather is for this time of year. It was just to nice of a day. I had to go fishing. I keep telling myself that Taylorsville has got to turn on. The lake is back up to summer pool which was great. The water is clear for Taylorsville. The water temperature was 64-65 degrees. The shad are still not in the creeks like they should be. I started in the first creek west of Candy Creek. I started to catch a few fish about half way in the creek. Most of the fish I caught were in the back half of the creeks. I only caught 1 fish on a main lake point. I was using a shad color crankbait and a 1/4 oz buzzbait with a red skirt. The fish were as usual very scattered. Most of the fish I caught were near wood. I hit a under water log and broke my trolling motor, I had to be very careful the rest of the day but it stayed together till the end of the day. I will take it to David Smoot tomorrow and get it repaired. I caught most of my fish on the crankbait. It seemed that the later in the day the few fish that were biting turned off. I did catch several fish on the buzzbait on the west bank of Timber Creek. I just love to catch bass on topwater. I finished the day with only 14 bass and only loss 6 fish. The good thing was all but 2 were quality fish with 2 that were 15 inches. The rest were in the 14 inch range. I would say give them a try , but there is a cold front that is to move thru tonight and it is to be much colder. This may be my last bass trip of the year. Since it is cooling I will start deer hunting. As I always say till the next post hope to see you on the water.


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