Taylorsville Lake Report

Robby 10-12-15I went to Taylorsville  yesterday  with a friend and his son.  To be honest I almost didn’t write this post. It was that bad. The fishing would have to improve to be terrible. The lake was mostly clear and the water temperature was 69 and 70 degrees with a fair amount of wind.  I thought that the fish would turn on with a cold front approaching. My first surprise was we couldn’t find the big schools of shad. There was some in Mitchell’s Run.  We fished three creeks Candy, Mitchell’s Run and Timber Creek. We only caught 3 or 4 fish in each creek. The fish we caught were mostly dinks. After fishing the creeks we moved to the main lake. It was no better. I finished the day with 12 bass, most were dinks with one that was 14.25 inches. The above picture is of Robby’s only decent fish. We were using crankbaits. I don’t understand where the shad went. Usually this time of the year the Creeks are full of shad and you should be seeing bass and hybreds hitting them in the shallow water. The fish have got to start fattening up soon for winter. I will keep on trying. I had a friend that just got back from a trip to Kentucky Lake yesterday. He stated that they had a terrible trip and never found the fish too. Till the next post keep on fishing they have got to start feeding soon. Hope to see you on the water.


2 responses to “Taylorsville Lake Report

  1. I was on Green River Lake from Thursday to Sunday for a kayak tournament and nearly everyone experienced the same thing. All dinks and absolutely no shad busting. it can only get better right!

  2. It sure can’t get much worst. Everyone that has been fishing lately has told me they are not catching any fish at all. It has me scratching my head.

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