Taylorsville Lake Report

This was another one of those days I almost wish I had stayed home. I got a late start and didn’t get to the lake till about 1pm. I backed my bass boat into the water and tied it to the dock. When I got into my truck to start it so I could go park it. The truck wouldn’t start. It was cranking but wouldn’t start. First time that has ever happened to it. I checked ever thing that I could and found nothing broken. To top it off I didn’t have cell phone service and my phone was about dead. I had a couple of nice guys that pulled their boat out and were going to help me load my boat and pull me up to the parking area. When we were getting ready to hook a tow strap up, one of the guys asked me to try it again. Guess what it started. The only thing different I did was as I was turning the key I was engaging the 4 wheel drive. Apparently that caused a computer error. I guess the computer rebooted and fixed itself. This is all a guess. It ran great all the way home. Now the fishing. It was a little better than terrible. The lake is almost at winter pool. The fish were very scattered. The fish were back in the creeks on any point that I could find. I was using a shad crankbait. I just didn’t have the time to try much else. The fish did seem to pick up at around 6pm. Mitchells Run was the best creek. I caught 6 in it. I finished the day with only 12 bass and a 6-3 Drum. I wish I had stayed longer but I didn’t want to be the last guy at the ramp in case the truck didn’t start. Most of the fish were in the 11 inch range with 2 that were 14.5 inches. If we don’t get too much rain I may give them a try later this week. I am to take a buddy fishing Thursday, it will depend on the rain. I hope you guys don’t have the problems that seem to follow me when I go fishing. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


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