Taylorsville Lake Report

Went to Taylorsville yesterday. The water was very clear for Taylorsville, you could see down about 3 feet. The water temperature was 83 degrees. Usually this time of year when you have a cold front move thru the shad move to the rear of the creeks and I have had some super days. The front didn’t cool the water enough. There were shad in the creeks but the water was still too warm. The front that came thru last night should cool the water back to the 60-70s, which is what I want. The fish were very scattered. I caught fish on the main lake and all back in the creeks. The one place I didn’t catch fish was on main lake points. I thought that was very unusual. The best creek was Mitchell’s Run. I was using a chrome color crankbait. The fish were running small, my largest was 14 7/8 inches. The good thing was I only lost 3 fish. The lake is down a good foot or more. In fact the lake was very calm which is unusual. There always seem to be wind on the lake.  That being said at about 3:30 all of a sudden the wind came up and the next thing I see is the lake has white caps. This made controlling the boat almost impossible so I decided to call it a day. If I had been having a good day I would have stayed. I only caught 16 bass and as I said they were running small. I hope to give them another try the beginning of the week. Next weekend several of us are going to West Virginia to fish the New River. I’m looking forward to that. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.

Just for information I now have a GoPro and I have made a few video’s. I can not put them here due to they are to large. You can go to my Facebook page and view them if you are really bored.


3 responses to “Taylorsville Lake Report

  1. It was 87 F sunday night. Shad everywhere. fished 3 hrs caught 10 bass and chased hybrids for a little while and caught 2.

    Email me. I’m looking to float New River in WV in a few weeks and would like your input

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