Stoner Creek Report

My best friend Jack wanted to get away. He had just returned home from a very trying family matter. I suggested trying Stoner Creek. The water was a little low, but was very clear. I usually start in Stroge  Creek. To be honest it was a difficult day. The water had a lot of leaves on it , making casting difficult. We lost count of all the leaves we hooked. We were trying to use crankbaits. I switched to plastics for a while and had a lot of problems also. We had some difficulty pulling the boat over riffles. I thought we would have to do quite a bit of wading. We did. The nice thing was that with the air temperature in the 90’s wading felt good. The fish were biting decent. Just not a lot of big fish. our biggest a fish that Jack caught was about 2 lbs.  About a third of our fish were smallies and the biggest was about 12 inches.  The fun started when we started back down the creek. The creek had to have dropped 2 inches. To be honest it was all we could do a times to get the boat back across the riffles. The fish are biting and the young lady at Fryman’s said they have been catching some big fish. I finished the day with 43 and Jack caught 14. This was Jack’s second fishing trip this year. The water is low and clear with a lot of scum and leaves on the surface. It reminds me of October. I just hope we get some rain to clean the water up. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.


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