Elkhorn Creek

Went back to Elkhorn yesterday. The weather was about perfect. The water was clear and running about 100 cfs and dropping. All I can say is it was a dink kind of day. That’s about all I caught. The fish just weren’t hitting very well. They seemed to be  just slapping at lures. I caught a lot of fish by hooking them on the outside of the mouth, thanks to sharp hooks. I was using a small stick crankbait and small plastics. I believe the crankbait worked best. This could be because of the treble hooks instead of a single hook. It was a very frustrating day. I wish I had boated the fish that I loss instead of the ones I boated. I must have loss close to 100 fish. I boated 47 smallies but only 10 to 12 were decent fish. One time I hooked a dink and was reeling it in when it pulled off and a 12 inch immediately hit and I boated it. I did hook one really nice fish that was over 3 lbs. It jumped a couple of time and the hooks pulled out, I said a few bad words. Since we just had a cold front pass thru I believe they bother small water fish much more than a lake or large river. The fish are kind of biting and the bite should improve with the water temperature getting cooler. Till the next report hope to see you on the water. By the way I fished Knight Bridge down to Canoe Ky and only saw 6 others on the water.


2 responses to “Elkhorn Creek

  1. Hey Tommy, we must have just missed you out on the water. I ventured down to Elkhorn again for the 3rd time this summer on Saturday and we had similar success. We floated from Canoe KY down to the KY River and caught 80+ smallies in the 12-16inch range. Most of our fish came on tubes, but I did catch a few on a Bomber crankbait and small swimbaits. The bite was pretty dead after we crossed under the giant 127 underpass. Do you ever have much luck down there? It looked more like a catfish/muskie stretch of water with the exception of its three fast moving riffles. I did catch the biggest smallmouth on that last stretch as well as a nice 18″ saug.

    Thanks again for all of the reports. I’m sure I’ll see you on the water one of these days 🙂

    • I am sorry to say I have not fished from Canoe Ky down to the 127 bridge this year. I was very worried that the county was going to lock the gate they put up before I usually get done fishing. I went to a meeting of the County Commissioners and spoke against the locking of the gate. I just found that apparently it did some good because they are not locking it now. I will try to get down there shortly. I have never had much luck fishing from the 127 bridge to the river. The last time I fished there I was catching Hybred Rockfish under the bridge. Glad to hear someone else catching good numbers. I have people all the time tell me I can’t count. I am now using a Gopro while I fish when I remember to take it. I have a couple of video’s on my facebook page. I can’t put them on my blog till I pay for an upgrade. I may do that some time soon. I can’t decide if I want to let people really know how good the fishing is. Hope to run into you.

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