Taylorsville Lake Report

It still amazes me how fishing changes day to day. I went back to Taylorsville yesterday afternoon. I fished the same areas that we fished Monday and I don’t know were the fish went. The water level was the same, the temperature was the same, but the fish were mostly gone. There were times when I would fish a 1/2 mile of bank and never got a strike from anything. I thought maybe they had gone deeper because of the bright sun. I started using a worm and never got a hit. I finally went back my shad color crankbait. At least I would catch an occasional fish. Another fact was when I did get a strike the fish would hit hard. A couple of times fish would hit as soon as the bait hit the water. The fish I caught were closer to wood than on Monday.  I only lost 5 fish for the day. The shad are already in the back of the creeks which is like a fall pattern. There are a lot of small fish hitting the shad back there, but they appear to be very small. Most of the time these are small white bass and hybreds. I finished the day with 3 Green Sunfish, 2 Drum and 23 Bass, 1 Keeper. It was still a great day to be on the lake. Low humidity and the temperature in the low 80s. You don’t see many of those kind of days in August in Kentucky. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.


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