Taylorsville Lake Report

One of my fishing buddy’s Robby came over this morning and demand that I take him fishing today, after threatening me with bodily harm I just had to go. Am I glad he made me go. We had a very good day. To be honest I wasn’t sure because they have been pulling the lake down over a foot a day till yesterday. I usually like to give the fish some time to stabilize.  We started fishing at about 11:30. The water had some color especially on main lake points the wind and the few boats that were running made the water muddy. The water temperature was 84 degrees cool for August. We started in the small creek just west of Candy Creek. Robby caught a dink on the first cast. The good thing was that was the only dink for the day. We were using shad color crankbaits they were both the same size and color , but Robby’s had rattles in it. The fish were scattered but when you got a strike they would hit hard. They were on the steeper banks in 4-5 feet of water. We didn’t catch many on wood which I thought was unusual. We also caught them on points in the same water depth. I have to say that Robby is a multi  specie specialist. He caught a bunch of Drum, Crappie, Bluegill, Green Sunfish, White Bass, and Warmouths. I will say it was hot when you were out of the wind and the bugs were very bad. I had a couple go up my nose. We finished the day with 70 Bass. We only had 4 keepers. Most of our fish were in the 12 to 14 inch range. I did hook one nice fish that we saw it was in the 3-4 lbs range. Surprisingly the fish are biting  good so if you can you should give them a try. The attached picture is of Robby with one of his Buglemouth Bass better known as a Drum or White Perch. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.20150810_134129_001


One response to “Taylorsville Lake Report

  1. Robby Poindexter

    That’s a good looking fisherman right there! Thanks again Tommy!

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