Stoner Creek Report

At the last minute I decided to head to Stoner Creek and give them  a try. I didn’t start fishing till 2 pm and I was forced to quit around 5:30. I went up in Storge Creek. About a half mile up in the creek it got real muddy. I decided to continue up the creek to see if it would clear up. About 1/4 mile before the first riffle it stared clearing. I started fishing there I was using a 6 inch silver/clear worm. In about 4 feet of water. The water was up but only by a few inches. The water temperature was only 79 degrees.  The surprise was the first two fish I caught were 2 to 2 1/2 lbs smallmouths. I caught my first 7 fish on the worm.  When I got into shallow water I started using a 3 inch shallow stickbait.  The smallmouths were in the center of the creek and the largemouths were in shallow water in shady areas. The fish are still scattered and not schooling.  The later in the afternoon the bite kept getting better. There were times that a fish would hit as soon as the bait hit the water. I would have liked to have fish longer, but the storms finally ran me off the water.  The dummy here waited too0805151440a 0805151558 long to leave and I got drenched. It rained so hard that you could see the creek rising and getting muddier by the minute. I have to say it was one of my better days on the creek. The quality of fish was great. The average smallie was running a pound or better with the largemouths running about 1 1/2 lbs. I had a couple of fish pushing 3 lbs. I only had about 6 dinks. I finished the afternoon with 51 fish. 30 to 40% of my fish were smallmouths. The bad news is with the storm and more rain on the way I would doubt that you would be able to fish till the weekend. I wish I had tried a topwater bait, but its so hard to change when you are getting a strike about every 3 cast. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.


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