South Elkhorn Creek Report

My buddy John called this morning and make evil threats and twisted my arm to make me go fish today. RIGHT Since neither of us had fished South Elkhorn this year and I have been wanting to very badly. We decided to give it a try.  We put in near the I64 bridge. The first 3 hours fishing was rough. The fish20150803_153857 John South Elkhorn were scattered and very spooky. You would have to make long cast to catch a fish.  John was casting a small crankbaits and I was using mini Flukes. The water had a very slight dingy color and the flow was about 90 cfs.  At about 4:30 the fish just turned on. It was awesome. It was almost like you could cast a bare hook and get a strike. I will say that we lost about as many fish as we boated. You could hardly make more that 3 cast without a hit. The fish weren’t big 10 to 14 inches but they would fight like crazy. The bad thing was we had to be off the water by 6:30. John finished the day with 38 Smallies and I caught 55.  Not a great day, just wished we could have fished later we would have had some great numbers. I hope to add a couple of pictures. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.


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