Stoner Creek Fishing

Sorry I have been in Florida fishing for Snook. From the looks of the water it was best that I was down there, due to the high muddy water here. I went down to Fryman’s on Stoner Creek yesterday. The water was a little dingy and the creek was up about 6 inches. The water temperature was 79 degrees, which is cool for this time of year. I decided to fish Stroge Creek first. I started with a worm and never got a hit on it. I changed to a crankbait and I did have one fish follow it to the boat. I went to a 3 inch stickbait and final got action. Winchester must have got a lot of rain the night before. The creek was high and rising. The creek was up at least a foot, which turn out to be a good thing. The Largemouth’s were in the shallow faster water areas, but along the edge in eddies. The fish were scattered and not schooling. The Smallies were in the middle in the swifter water.. The Smallies were small never caught one over 10 inches. The Largemouths were nice never caught one under 10 inches. My largest was 14 to 15 inches. The bite was good and I only lost about 5 fish.  I was only able to fish for about 4 hours. I was using my small bass boat and all of sudden the trolling motor prop just exploded. Without the trolling motor I couldn’t control the boat in the swifter water. The good thing was due to the high water I was able to motor out with the gas engine. That was the first time I have ever been able to do that. That beat wading pulling the boat till I got to deeper water. The fish are biting pretty good. I finished the day with 31. I would say that 12-14 were Smallies. The disappointing thing was the prop let go just as I was getting to a couple of my favorite pools were I usually catch my biggest and most fish. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.


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