Private Lake Fishing

After it rained last night and the cloudy cover I just knew the top water bite would be on. I’m glad I knew because the bass apparently didn’t get the message. I went to the private lake I fish and pretty much had a terrible day. The fish weren’t hitting top water like I had expected. The fish were very scattered for some reason. Usually by now they are schooling and though I usually don’t catch a lot of big fish I catch great numbers. I only caught 5 fish on a crankbait. I did catch 20 bass on a buzzbait, but all the fish were running small. My biggest fish was only about 2 lbs. I had a fish break me off and I loss a buzzbait. Since I make my own buzzbaits you would think I would have plenty in my tacklebox. Wrong, I only had one.  For some reason the fish just weren’t hitting good. I lost a whole lot more fish than I caught.  The fish I caught were in 2 feet of water or less and most were near weeds. About 3 pm it started to rain and then it poured. When it quit I had to empty about 4 inches of water out of the bottom of my bass buggy. On top of all of that my battery died on me and I just was able to get back to the dock. New battery tomorrow and this is the third battery I have replaced in my boats this year, its getting expensive. I hope to give them another try this weekend. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


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