I went down and fished Elkhorn yesterday. I had a young couple that are novice bass fishing persons. I hope everyone enjoys my attempt to be politically correct. They wanted me to show them how to catch smallie’s in Elkhorn since they only live a short distance from the creek. We put in at knight’s bridge and paddled up to the first rapid. The water was clear and only flowing at 70 cfs. The water felt almost as warm as bath water.  I knew we would be hitting allot of rocks. The fish were in the faster moving water for the most part. The top of rapids seemed to be better than below. I must say it became a very interesting day. I have to give credit where it is due, Aaron is the best at getting bird nest on a spinning reel I have ever met. His wife Sebrena is good at bird nest but she is outstanding at hooking rocks. Due to low water we used mini flukes so hooking rocks is not difficult, but she could even hook a flat rock on the flat side. The most amazing thing was that I have never seem anyone float the creek backward. The funny thing was they were still catching fish. We had a very hard rain hit us at Clay Bank rapid and we had to dump gallons of water out of their canoe and my yak. Sabrina finished the day with only 10 fish and Aaron boated 15. They loss a ton of fish at the boat. I believe this was due to not knowing how to set a hook on a bass. My day wasn’t great, I only boated 48. The fish were running small. I believe our biggest fish was only about 13 inches and it was caught by Aaron.  Now that they have seen the creek, if and when we go again I will let them run the rapids first.  I was showing them how to run the Claw and I got hung on a rock next thing I knew was I was hit in the back by a nose of a canoe. I will say that it knocked me off the rock. I caught 2 gar , the first ones I have every caught on the creek. I did get even a little by tossing a gar beside Aaron which he didn’t see coming  I am just to old for those kind of surprises. I had a great time with them. The fish are biting and with rain the bite should improve. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


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