Elkhorn Creek Report

I finally went down and fished the main Elkhorn. The water had a little color and was running at 280 cfs, I put in at Knight Bridge. My first thought was it’s going to be a super day because when I made my first cast just to make sure the bait ran correct I caught a fish and I hadn’t even got the yak all the way in the water. I paddled up to the bridge and my second cast I hooked a smallie of about 15 inches. It jumped several times and pulled off. It was down hill after that. The fish were very scattered and you only caught one fish at any spot. They were in slow deeper water or dead water just out of the current. My best spot was just above Clay Bank rapid.  Most of my fish were small but I would catch enough 10 to 14 inch fish to keep you on your toes. My big fish was a little over 17 inches. I caught it just pass the first right turn below Knight Bridge. I had to use very shallow running crankbaits due to a lot of moss on the bottom and flowing in the water. I finished the day with 36 and one was a largemouth. I believe I loss more fish than I boated. It was just one of thoughts days. The bite did seem to improve a little later in the afternoon. The fish are biting so give them a try. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


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