Private Lake Fishing

After working on the farm all day yesterday. I just had to go fishing today. One great big problem. Where would I be able to go.  Taylorsville is up 24 feet, the Ky river is up 4 feet and muddy, Elkhorn is running at over 2100 CFS. I won’t fish it unless it’s 500 CFS or less.  The only place I knew for sure that I would be able to fish was the private Lake I fish. I started fishing about 1:30 and left aroud 5pm. The water temperature  was 64 to 67. The fish were very scattered. I caught some very shallow and some as deep as 5 feet. The shallow fish would hit a small stickbait and the deep were on a deep crankbait after hitting wood or a rock and pausing it. My biggest bass was only 2.4 lbs. I only caught 22 bass. I finally figured out that the lake was turning over. I did have some excitement. I hooked what I believe was a huge White perch (Drum). With 10# test line I couldn’t slow it down. I thought it was going to spool me. I had to chase after it with the boat. I was able to fight it for a couple of minutes, then it got into a log and broke off. This is not the first time I have hooked one of these fish, with them breaking me off or straightening a hook. I would love to land one just to see how big they are. Till my next report hope to see you on the water.


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