1st Report of the Year Cedar Creek Lake

Well I’m back here in Ky. Time to give up saltwater fishing and get back into freshwater. To be honest fresh water is a lot easier, but I have been doing it a lot longer. I went to Cedar Creek today. I had several surprises. The first was the lake is dingy to muddy in color. Second the water was a lot colder than I would have guessed. It was a low of 52 and a high of 57, that was only in one small area. The third was after finding the first two conditions I would have thought the fish would have been fairly deep. I never caught a fish deeper than 3 feet. I can’t say I had a bad day but I caught more trout (11) than bass (8) The only lures I could get them to hit were small stick baits in chrome or white color. The trout were hitting good with a lot of follows to the boat. My biggest surprise happened when I was in the back of a creek arm I very seldom fish. I was getting hits from trout, so I started casting a small stick bait on an ultralight. After catching a couple of fish I threw near a stump and got a hit. The next thing was the fish was running and pulling drag. Luck was with me because the fish ran out into some deeper water with no limbs or logs. I was able to land it and it was a 3 lb 1 oz largemouth. not bad on 6 ib test and at Cedar Creek. With all the rain we are suppose to get I’m not sure when I will be able to go again. So till the next report hope to see you on the water.


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