It was to hot to hunt, but to pretty to stay home. I forced myself to go fishing. That’s what I told my wife. I decided to go to Taylorsville. All the creeks and small rivers are covered with leaves. With the blue bird sky I didn’t think the fish would be hitting top water.  I got to the lake at about noon. I couldn’t  believe how hard the wind was blowing. I would guess that there were gust up to 30 mph. The waves were white capping. It sure made fishing interesting.  One of the things I pride myself is being an accurate caster. With the wind you never knew where a lure was going to end up. I started fishing in the first small creek pass Candy Creek. I had only made 4 or 5 cast before I caught my first fish. The fish were on the banks near wood in 4 feet or less of water.  I caught 15 bass in that little creek on a shad color crankbait. I was using a slow retrieve.  At about 2:30 the wind died down and the bite did too.  I fished Candy Creek and only caught one fish. That was a surprise because there were a lot of shad in Candy. Usually when the shad are there so are the fish. I fished Mitchel’s Run and caught 5 more fish. I did lose 2 nice fish in the 15 to 17 inch range.  I hooked both fish and they jumped and threw the lure.  Only lost 5 or 6 fish all afternoon. I finished the afternoon with 21 bass which I thought was good with the wind as bad as it was. Not only was it difficult to cast but trying to control the boat was fun too. It has a lot more scuffs on it after today. I did catch several White Bass and a couple of Hybreds. The fish are biting so if you can, give them a try. Till the next report( which maybe next spring ) hope to see you on the water.



  1. I think you should blog about your hunting exploits too.

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