South Elkhorn Fishing

I finally got John to go fishing today. Its almost always an adventure when we get together.  John knows South Elkhorn and he has lots of put ins and take outs. I believe we put in on Moores Mill and we took out at someones house. The creek was high running at 130 cfs. The water was very dingy. The first fish of the day which I caught at the put in was our big fish. It was over 15 inches and fat. This was one of those days that if it wasn’t for the fish I would have wished I had stayed home. Fishing was slow for the first 3 hours. The excitement was when we came to our first rapids. Since the water had been up there were a lot of trees down in the water. The first rapid was full of big trees. There was only a small shoot to go down. John went first and made it even after hitting a big rock and running it backwards. Yours truly started down it and hit a big rock which swung me around and into a big tree. pinning the kayak against it and a big limb pinning me down in the yak. Water started coming in over the sides and it took me several minutes to get free. I only loss my paddles and my cooler , which John picked up for me. At around 3 pm the creek cleared up, which I found hard to believe. Fishing picked up. We caught fish on about every thing we used, Small cranks and stick baits were the best. All our fish were running between 12 and 15 inches. We caught very few small fish. The best fishing was when there was a lot of rocks on the edge or in the water. A little wood around, just made it that much better. 1507581_10204419932201433_4654512856115558036_n10622914_10204419932441439_5252724004589101236_n I have caught some bigger fish on the creek, but to average 12 to 13 inchers. This may have been my best day on Elkhorn for average size. We came to a place where a tree was across the creek. My boy John thought he could run under it. I told him not too. Well he didn’t and swamped his kayak and lost his tackle box. I believe the high water pinned it under a tree and we couldn’t see it. Just for any young people that may read this. Please listen to old men when they tell you to not do something. It’s not that we are smarter, it’s because we have already screwed up doing  something stupid. John finished the day with 62 smallies and I caught 77, all but 2 were smallmouth’s. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


One response to “South Elkhorn Fishing

  1. If any of you happen to find any fishing gear in the water in clear plastic sleeves commonly seen in a fishing boat, there is a good chance that it belongs to me…. Also, I lost my favorite coozie which of course was holding my favorite adult Coca-Cola beverage.

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