I went to Elkhorn this afternoon. The water was surprisingly very dingy. The flow was at 280 cfs at Knight’s bridge. The flow was about perfect, it was high enough that I didn’t hit a lot of rock and slow enough to let me fish the way I like too. I paddled up the creek to the first rapids. I was able to catch 3 fish there and missed several more. To be honest I didn’t expect to catch many fish with the dingy water. For Smallmouth’s I like clear water. The fish were scattered and they were in heavy current with big chuck rock. The fish did turn on at about 4 pm and stopped again at about 5:30 pm. For that hour and a half I caught some nice fish up to about 15 inches. Small fish were hitting plastic’s and the bigger one’s were hitting a chrome stickbait. I again hooked what I thought was the creek record smallie and it again turned out to be a big Drum. When the creek clears in the next couple of day fishing should improve. I finished the day with only 37 smallie’s , most were in the 10 inch range. If we don’t get a bunch of rain the creek should be great this weekend. Till the next report hope to see you on the water. By the way I only saw 1 other person on the water and he was just kayaking.


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