Taylorsville Lake Report

I went to Taylorsville Lake yesterday afternoon. The lake water was as clear as Taylorsville can get and the surface temperature was 85 degrees. The lake was down a foot or more. Fishing was slow I finally was able to start catching a few fish on a shad color crankbait. With the lake low I was getting hung up about 50% of the time and that can get real frustrating. At about 4:30 I started to hear some thunder. I turned on my weather radio and there was a  severe thunder-storm just north of me. They were saying it was going to pass me. Why would I ever believe the weather men. Some of the worst storms I have ever been in have been on Taylorsville, its like a magnet to storms. I can handle the rain and the wind up to a point, but that lake draws lighting. The next thing I know it is thundering on both sides of the lake. I get asked a lot about why I have a 200 hp motor on my 19 foot bassboat. It’s because dummy here will wait till the late minute before I stop fishing. With that much power I can run 60 to 70 mph and get back to the dock which is what I did. Everything went great till I could see the lauch ramp and I got hit by a 30-40 mph gust of wind. That can give you a little pucker at high-speed. Luck would have it I was able to tie up to the dock and I was able to get in the portable john (thank goodness it had just been cleaned) when the hard rain, hail and a lot of lighting hit. By the way I was the only boat or vehicle at the 2 ramps I saw. I was able to load the boat between storms. I finished the afternoon with only 11 bass. With as much rain as there was the lake should rise, which should improve fishing. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.


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