Stoner Creek Report

I went to Frymans this afternoon . I got there about 1230. From the forks up in both Stoner and Stroge Creeks the duck weed is real bad till you get to the riffles. I started with a frog and didn’t get a hit. I tried worms, nothing. I tried craws, nothing. I change to a shallow crankbait and started picking up a few scattered fish. At about 3pm the fish started hitting. They were in shallow water next to wood, this was for the largemouth’s. The Smallmouth’s were on the edges of washouts in very shallow water. The fish were very spooky and I had to made long cast. That made it fun when you hooked a fish and fight it back to the boat. Most of the time when I do that I lose a lot of fish, not so today. I only loss 5 or 6 fish all afternoon. Most of my fish were running between 10 and 12 inches, with a few bigger fish. I got rained on twice. The second time it rained hard. I was about to leave when the second shower hit so I started throwing a frog again. The fish were hitting but I couldn’t hook them. I believe I was using too small a hook. It was a 2/0 and I like to use 4/0 when I frog fish, but I went off and left them at home. I did catch 1 fish on a frog and it was my big fish for the day, close to 3 lbs. I finished the afternoon with 48 fish and close to half were smallie’s. I believe this was my best day on Stoner this year. The fish are biting so give them a try. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


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