Private Lake Fishing

With all the rain most of the creeks are flooded or muddy. To be honest I was waiting for a day like yesterday. When the water rises a foot or more on the private lake I fish, it usually turns on the fish and especially the big boys. The great thing about the lake is it may flood but it doesn’t get muddy. I called my nephew David because he has been wanting to fish the lake when it was up. We started fishing around noon. With the overcast and light rain we thought we would have a topwater bite and we usually do. Not so, we caught I believe 3 bass on a buzzbait and I caught 5-8 on a lure like a Spook. The fish were very scattered and no big ones. Our biggest was maybe 2 lbs. It appeared that this was going to be my worst day on the lake in probably the last 10 years. We finally found a school of small fish in very fast water of a run in. That was the first time I have encountered that on this lake and I have been fishing it for close to 50 years. David and I must have caught around 20 fish there on #7 rapala’s. The water was only about 2 feet deep and with very fast current. We finished the day with only 53 fish. If thing continue I believe this year is going down as my strangest year of fishing. It looks like it may be awhile before the water goes down and clears up. Till the next strange fishing report , hope to see you on the water.


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