Private Lake Fishing

My nephew David and I decided to give the private lake I fish a try this afternoon. This was only the third time I have fished there this year. We had very high hopes of having a super day. Thing just continue to be strange. We started off throwing     buzzbaits in shady areas and we were catching some fish. About noon we changed to crankbaits and worms and had a hard time getting the fish to hit. We never caught a fish on a worm at all. It was very bright and sunny and David for some unknown reason started throwing a buzzbait again. The surprise was he started catching fish. We threw buzzbait most of the day and continued to catch fish. The fish were very shallow and near weeds or wood. We would catch fish in shady or sunny areas it didn’t seem to make much difference. This was only about the second time I can ever remember this happening. We didn’t catch great numbers but our average size was close to 2 lbs. David had the honor of catching the 2 biggest fish and the smallest fish. His big fish was a 5.1 lb bucket mouth. When the sun started down the fish stopped hitting buzzbaits and we started catching them on crankbaits. It just makes you sit and scratch your head. We finished the day with only 66 

I finally got David to smile. 5 lbs 1 oz

I finally got David to smile. 5 lbs 1 oz

but it was great to spend time with David. I keep saying it’s been a weird year and it continues to be, Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


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