This is a Drum

This is a Drum

It continues to be a strange year. I fished Elkhorn yesterday afternoon. I got to Knight’s bridge at about noon. Nathan had just sold a customer a ultimate kayak the same as mine. I helped him get every thing adjusted and put him on the water. I paddled up the creek to the first rapid and started fishing with a small shad colored crankbait. I started getting hits and catching fish. most of the smallies were running between 10 and 12 inches. About half way back to the bridge I hooked what I thought was the creek record smallie. Of course it was on my lightest rod. I fought it for a couple of minutes, never seeing it so I became suspicious. I finally got it to the yak and it was a drum. It weighted about 10 pounds and may have been the biggest I have every boated. By the time I got to the first deep hole below the bridge I had boated 14 fish. The fish were jumping and chasing bait. I had a great time till about 3 pm and it was like someone turned them off. I saw very little activity after that. Most of the fish were in swift water above the rapids. I did hook a smallie about 17 inches and while reeling him in the bail broke on my reel and it was able to get off. I don’t know why the fish turned off. The creek didn’t drop that much while I was there. I guess it’s one of the things that will never be explained. The creek is dropping so if you want to fish you better get down to the creek. I just hope it rains some more. I finished the day with only 38 fish, one was a largemouth. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.


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