Stoner Creek Fishing

Me with a 3lb 4 oz bass< My Nephew David with a 3 lb BassMy nephew David wanted to go fishing today. You know he had to threaten and twist my arm to get me to go. We went to Stoner Creek below the dam at Fryman’s. He has a good friend that lets him put in on his property. We started fishing at about 11am. I have to say it was a strange day. We fished for about 9 hours and we didn’t have very good numbers, but the quality was super. The pattern was, there was no pattern. We tried everything. We caught some fish on everything too. The baits we caught the most on were a small stickbait and a buzzbait. Most of our fish came off of mud bank with alittle wood on them. We caught very few fish on heavy cover or rock banks. As I said it was a very strange day. I caught 32 fish and David caught 13. This was only the second time he has fished this year and he was rusty, it showed. He lost allot of fish. Plus I lost my share too. Of the 45 bass we caught only 5 were under 12 inches. The average fish we caught would weight around 2 lbs or alittle more. Our big fish was a nice 3 lb 4 oz largemouth which I caught on a crankbait. David had a 3 lb even fish. We lost I know 4 fish that were 3 lbs or bigger. We caught 3 Smallmouths that were 12 to 14 inches. David caught 2 or them on a buzzbait. As far as size goes I believe this was the best day I have ever had on Stoner. For us to average a 2 lb fish on a creek like Stoner that is great. The creek looked great and has some current. Winchester must be getting more rain then we have been getting here in Lexington. The big fish are biting so give them a try. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


One response to “Stoner Creek Fishing

  1. The pictures are of my 3.4 bass and David’s 3 lb fish. One of these days I am going to get David to smile in a picture.

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