Taylorsville Lake Report

I went to Taylorsville this afternoon. It would have been a descent day if I didn’t have trouble with the outboard on my bass boat. Let me warn you if you go to Canada don’t use their gas in your outboard. Their gas is E-15 and I have been having trouble with the fuel injectors ever since. The problem is the motor is still under warranty but the problem is intermittent. Of course every time I take it in it runs great. Back to the fishing. The fish were shallow and very close to the bank. They were hitting my shad color crankbait , but I was still having a problem with losing allot of fish. It wasn’t as bad as my last trip. The fish were nice size I didn’t boat a fish under 12 inches and had 2 over 15 inches. When I caught a fish I would fish the area pretty hard because They seemed to be in groups of 3-4 fish. I won’t say they were schooling but they usually had friends around. If you have never caught bass at Taylorsville I tell you they are all like footballs. Late in the day I started to have fish hit my crankbait as soon as it hit the water especially on steep banks. I decided to change to a buzzbait and I’m upset I didn’t earlier. I caught several nice fish on it and loss a couple of more. This is only the second time I have ever had a good buzzbait bite on Taylorsville. Unfortunately I had to cut the fishing a little short because I wasn’t sure how long it was going to take me to boat back to the ramp due to the motor trouble. If it stays cloudy tomorrow and you are fishing Taylorsville give a buzzbait a try. It sure is fun to catch them on topwater. I finished the day with only 16 bass, but the size made up for the number. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


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