Elkhorn Creek Report

I finally went down and fished the main Elkhorn. The weather looked beautiful only 20% chance of rain and very light breeze and the creek was only running at 140 cfs. (remember that)I put in at Knight’s Bridge. There were very few people using the creek. I paddled up the creek to the first riffle. I was able to boat 8 fish by the time I got back to the bridge. Fishing was kind of slow and it took a while to find the fish. The fish had to be in some current with big rocks. They were shallow too. less than 1.5 feet. I never did find any big fish. The biggest I caught were 12-13 inchers. Most of the fish I caught were at the tops of riffles. I would anchor above one and cast mini flukes or a small crankbait to were the water was breaking over the rocks. They were usually in the first 10 feet of water as I retrieved the lures back. At about 5pm I noticed that it was starting to cloud up. By 5:30 I could hear thunder. Because there was only a 20% chance of rain I didn’t bring a rainsuit. I hate to be on the water during thunder storms, so I decided to try to paddle to Canoe Ky. I was about a mile above the claw when I started. I decided I must be in pretty good shape because I paddled the whole way without stopping. When I got about a half a mile from the store someone turned the faucet on. The wind started blowing at 25-30 mph and of course it was blowing straight up the creek. Made for fun paddling. I have been rained on many time during my life and I have determine there are different degrees of wet. The wettest is when you feel water running down your crack. I felt that today. I ended the day with only 42 smallmouth’s. They are biting so if you can, give them a try. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


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