Taylorsville Lake Report

I went to Taylorsville Lake this afternoon. What a beautiful day. For once there was hardly any wind and that’s unbelievable, because there is always wind there. I started the afternoon fishing with a shad crankbait in the small creek just west of Candy Creek. I hooked and loss a fish on my first cast. This was a omen for the rest of the afternoon. I loss so many fish it wasn’t funny. The fish were hitting good I just couldn’t keep them hooked. When ever I had a strike and set the hook they would come tail walking or jumping 3 feet out of the water and they would throw the hook. I just couldn’t keep them hooked. I even went to a little larger crankbait with bigger hooks, didn’t help. All the fish I saw and boated I didn’t have one under 13 inches but I didn’t have any over 15 inches. I did hook and boat 2 big drum and both times I thought I had a state record bass on. If you didn’t know there are huge drum in Taylorsville. I caught fish in Candy Creek and Mitchell’s Run. Mitchell’s Run was the best. At about 5 pm I started to boat a few fish there especially on the left side going in. I ended the day with only 15 bass. If I could have boated half of the fish I hooked it would have been a good day. I never caught a fish deeper than 5 feet and it didn’t seem to matter if it was rock or wood you were fishing. Till the next report hope to see you on the water. By the way there was hardly anybody fishing today.


3 responses to “Taylorsville Lake Report

  1. Ummmm, sorry about that. You might want to check the hooks Tommy. I was so frustrated last week that you doubled me up on the smallies that I took some of your hooks off. I didn’t realize you were going fishing without me. It’s not as funny since I wasn’t there.

  2. I was wondering why you had all of those extra hooks laying around John. Tommy, I thought I heard someone cussing from the house the other day! If you ever need company on one of your T-Ville trips let me know.

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