South Elkhorn Report

Two at a Time

Two at a Time

I went fishing with John again on South Elkhorn. I can’t say for sure where at because we put in on some farm and we took out at another farm. I do know we fished under I75. The water was a little dingy and was falling fast. When we started the gauge at Midway was 90 cfs and when I got home it was under 60 cfs. For the first 4 to 5 hours fishing was tough. about 5pm the fish turned on. The fish were running small till 5pm and we started to catch allot of fish in the 12 to 14 inch range. The lure that worked the best was a small crankbait. Color didn’t seen to make a difference. The fish were on shallow chunk rock with good current. If there wasn’t any big rocks you didn’t catch many fish. I took my portable GPS and we fished almost 5 3/4 miles of the creek. I ended the day with 99 smallies. For some reason I just couldn’t catch one more fish. I hooked and loss 4 or 5 fish at our take out just couldn’t get them in the yak. Like I said most were small. I believe I must have caught about 50 rockbass. John caught about 50 smallies and about as many rockbass. Not a great day but a very good one. The fish are biting. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.


3 responses to “South Elkhorn Report

  1. So I went fishing with Tommy Puckett today and I learned a few things in the process.
    1. Most important, if the man catches two fish at a time I will never catch as many as him.
    2. Just because he showed you a few lures to use, don’t think that he showed you everything.
    3. Just because you own fishing equipment DOES NOT mean that it will work for 9 hours of straight fishing.
    4. I’m lucky that he invites me out fishing with him. He truly is a wealth of knowledge that is only a few feet away in the water.

    Btw, Tommy failed to catch a hundred Smallies and stopped at 99. As for me, I was skunked at 52. At least he didn’t double me up. It was a good day overall.
    ā€” with Tommy Puckett at Elkhorn Creek.

    This is what John put on Facebook

  2. Awesome trip guys!, I’ll be down there in 2 weekends for my annual Elkhorn trip. Hopefully I can continue your good luck down there šŸ™‚ Thanks for the reports.

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