Stoner Creek Fishing

I went to Fryman’s and I got a big surprise the creek was muddy. Winchester must have gotten allot more rain than we did here in Lexington. There was alittle current , but you could only see about a foot down. The pattern I found was there was no pattern. I tried everything I had. I thought with the clouds they may hit topwater. Not a single hit. I changed to plastics. I got a few hits on a 6 inch worm and that was all. I changed to a 3 inch craw due to I was seeing allot of crawfish in very shallow water. I caught 2 fish. One on a dark purple craw and the others on a pumpkin color. I threw shallow crankbaits and I threw deep crankbaits. I probable caught more on the shallow. I ended the day with only 18 bass, 3 were smallies. I only had 2 keepers and 2 more that were close. The rest of the fish if you added them all together wouldn’t make a decent fish. I am leaving shortly to fish Elkhorn and I have been told that it is alittle dingy too. I will report on that later. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.


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