Elkhorn Fishing Report

10373975_10203796108526231_7252366956195119671_nJohn, Cory and I decided to give South Elkhorn a try today. To be honest I’m not sure where we put in or were we took out, It may have been Fishers Mill. I will tell you it was a very long float. About 9 hours. We started at about 11 am. The creek had good current, but was a little dingy. Fishing was tough. We were catching fish but it was very spotty. I had only caught about 30 fish at about 4 pm. Than all of a sudden it was like a switch being turned on. We started catching fish like you would not believe. We caught them on anything we were throwing, flukes. minnow crankbaits and small 4 inch worms. At times I’m not sure but you could catch them on a bare hook. We caught a number of 15 inch fish. I had 2 bigger ones break me off. This was Cory’s first time to fish Elkhorn and he had a blast. Fishing was great till about 8 pm and it was like something turned them off. I finished the day with 108 fish all but 2 were smallie’s. The three of us caught and released about 250 bass not counting a bunch of Rockbass and Sun fish. It was a great day to be on the water. Well the fish are biting so give them a try. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


4 responses to “Elkhorn Fishing Report

  1. Had a great time fishing with my brother John and Tommy. Tommy isn’t full of sh$%, the man can actually fish. Look forward to the next trip and all of the hell we give each other. One of the best I had fishing in a long time!

  2. Tommy, I enjoy reading these reports…keep them coming…

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