First I guess I should say the Stroge Creek Report, because that is the creek I fished. The water temperature was 64 to 67 degrees. You could not believe how clear the water was. That was a surprise to me, because the creek was about 2 feet higher after the rain we just had. The creek is still about 6 inches higher than normal, which gave it some current. With the creek that clear I had to make long cast. There was allot of leaves on the water that caused some problems. I started with a fluke and was missing most of the fish that hit. I down sized to a mini fluke and that took care of the problem of misses. I didn’t have a great day, but a decent one. I boated 28 bass. The largemouths for the most part were small. Allot of 9 to 10 inch fish. I did catch 8 smallies, all but one was in the 13 to 14 inch range. I also caught a shellcracker that I believe was the biggest I have ever caught. It was 10 inches and very thick. This nice weather can’t last much longer, so if you can you need to get on the water. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.


2 responses to “STONER CREEK REPORT

  1. Have you done any fishing this year?

    • I have not fresh water fished this year. I brought a condo in Florida and have been doing some salt water fishing. I’m still in Florida, but will be coming home soon. I just came in from fishing the canal behind my condo for snook. I had several chasing but no takers.

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