Taylorsville Lake Report

I went to Taylorsville Lake today. The main reason was I wanted to run my bassboat. I just had some warranty work performed on it. It only took almost 6 weeks to get it back. I must say it ran perfect. While I was there I did some bass fishing. To say it was hard would be an understatement. I only hooked 5 bass and boated 4 of them. All were 12 to 13 inches. All of my fish were caught on creek mouth points. I decided to give the Whitebass and Hybreds a try. I went to a favorite hump I know. I caught a fish on almost every cast. Nothing very big, maybe up to 2 lbs. I caught so many I quit counting at 100. They were only in 5 to 6 feet of water. All you had to do was run a small light colored crankbait down and bump the bottom and you would get a strike. If you missed the first just keep cranking another would hit it. I had allot of fun but there is no way you can handle whites and hybreds with out getting struck or cut. I have several sore fingers right now. I did catch my first Taylorsville Lake Blue catfish. It was only about 2 lbs, but a first. If you want to have some fun just go to Taylorsville and find a hump or a long point and cast across it you should catch some fish. Till the next report hope to see you on the water. ps I hope we get some rain I would like to fish the creeks a few more times this year.


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