Taking a lunch break

Taking a lunch break

Yesterday John and I went to the farm and worked our butts off. We cut allot of wood and changed some deer stands. While we were there we decided to give the smallmouth’s a try on South Elkhorn. We put in near Leestown Rd. John said that he had floated it before and it was just a few miles. I have decided that he doesn’t know how long a mile is. It only took us 9 hours to cover them. I must say that today was one of those day that you could do no wrong. The fish were hitting like you could not believe. They hit everything I threw, crankbaits, topwater, plastics. I must say that the average fish was only 8 to 10 inches, but there were enough 12 to 16 inch fish to keep you happy. John didn’t do as well as I, but he is one of the most stubborn and hard headed men I know. Kind of like me. He finally started throw lures like me and he really started catching fish. The surprise was that there weren’t that many fish in the fast water like I thought they would be. They were in some current in about a foot of water with large rock or big logs. If there were both look out you were going to catch several fish. John ended 1238317_10201733697567246_1055581339_nthe day with 56 and I boated 102. A total of 158 smallies. That didn’t count the number of redeyes, shellcrackers, sunfish and I even caught a big black crappie. I must say we are both tired, but we had one of those special days that if your lucky you have once a year. The fish are biting so if you can, you need to be on the water. By the way we only saw 2 other fishermen and they were wading. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.



  1. I’m John, the other half of this scenario. Before anyone says anything about ‘fishing stories’, I was there and witness Tommy putting on a clinic. It truly was something special.
    Just being on the water made it for a good day, catching 56 smallies made it something special.
    As far as me telling him that it was only a mile stretch, I’m not so sure where he got that from. Guess you start to hear things when you get older … lol
    Thanks again for taking me out on the water, I look forward to the next ‘lesson’

  2. Epic day. Looks like I need lessons

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