I just got done replacing the transom on my small creek boat. I will buy another before I do that again. I wanted to try it out so I went to Stoner Creek. (Fryman’s) The creek was alittle high and had some color. I could only fish for about 4 hours. The fish were scattered, but most were on wood. I caught fish on every thing I tried. Just not allot of fish. I used plastic craws, crankbait and buzzbaits. If you have never used a buzzbait on a sunny day you maybe missing out on allot of fun. The trick is to throw only to shady areas or rapids. The fish I caught were great quality. I only had 2 fish under 11 inches. The down side was I only caught 2 smallmouth’s, but they were both about 14 inches which was fun. I caught a couple of largemouth’s that were pushing 3 lbs. I ended the day with only 26 bass. The fish are biting so if you can you should give them a try. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.


3 responses to “STONER CREEK FISHING

  1. How do you normally fish your plastic craws?

  2. Thanks, keep up the good work.

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