The water on the main Elkhorn is higher than I like and it’s the weekend. My buddy John called last night wanting to go fishing today. We decided to fish South Elkhorn. This was my first time to ever fish South Elkhorn. I have fished North Elkhorn and the Main Elkhorn, but for some reason never the South. We put in at Wiensenberger Mill bridge. The first couple of miles the water is a little slow and we didn’t catch much. The water finally got shallower and faster. We started catching fish. I must say I was very impressed with the quality of fish. Nothing huge but lots of 11 to 14 inch fish. I caught several larger up to 17 inches. We caught them on shallow crankbaits and flukes. The fish weren’t above or below the riffles or rapids. They were in water that was a couple of feet or less deep, with good current. I ended the day with 41 and John had 25. All were Smallies, except one. Not bad for the first time to fish the South Elkhorn. We took out never I 64. We wanted to continue fishing, but this is John’s anniversary and I think he was living on borrowed time anyway. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.


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