Can you believe all this rain? It is almost impossible to find a place to fish. Sunday night I thought I would give the Hybreds at Herrington Lake a try. This was my first time to fish for them this year. Brother was that a waste of time. Herrington Lake was in the trees. There was trash every where. You could only see a few feet down and this was at the dam. I only had 2 strikes total.

Today one of my friends who I didn’t know fished much wanted to go fishing. I decided to take him to the private lake I fish. It was the only place I thought we may catch a fish. With the overcast John and I thought the topwater bite maybe on. Were we wrong. I did catch about 4 fish on a buzzbait and lost two big fish. We caught fish but they were not aggressive. We lost about as many fish as we boated. We caught most of our fish on shallow crankbaits. I’m so glad that the weatherman said it wasn’t going to rain this afternoon. Because John and I didn’t take a rainsuit and we got soaked. We ended the afternoon with just 52 bass. We had to work for them because they were scattered. For some reason the fish have not schooled this summer. One of the few times I can ever remember this occurring. The fish are biting, but finding a place to fish may be a problem. Till the next report hope to see you on the water


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