I went to Elkhorn this afternoon and put in at Knight’s Bridge. The water was murky and rising. When I left the house the creek was less than 400 cfs. Surprise when I got there it was rising fast. I guess it was due to the heavy rain we had in Lexington yesterday. Due to the current I had to fish faster than I wanted. I lost allot more fish than I caught. The fish were very scattered. Most were in eddies. I did catch a few above and below the rapids. I met a young fisherman who was fishing the Knight Bridge stretch for the first time. We fished together for about 3 hours and he was catching fish with a worm when he could find some slow water. I caught most of my fish on a crankbait I was ripping thru the water. The fish I caught were either very small ( less than 9 inches) or they were around 15 inches. I had 2 break me off and took 2 expensive lures. I did knock another rod overboard. We were able to wade around and found it. I love to fish Elkhorn , but it’s getting very expensive. I ended the day with only 24 smallmouth’s. I am leaving Sunday to fish the New River for a couple of days. I’ll give a report when I get back. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.


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