I decided to go to Stoner Creek this afternoon. I put in at Frymans ramp. Hot,it would have to cool off to get to hot. There was no air moving and I don’t think I have sweated that much in along time. I finally got into the creek and waded some pulling my boat to cool off. The fishing was weird for this time of year. The water was up maybe 6 inches so there was some current. The water was also murky but you could see about 2 foot deep. This time of year the bass in Stoner usually have schooled up. I found the fish were very scattered and mainly on wood near the bank. I did catch some fish at the top of rapids. Usually I can catch 8 to 10 fish in an area, but not today with one exception. I’m not saying I didn’t catch allot of fish but I had to cover allot of water. I only caught 7 smallmouth’s and 5 of them were dinks. I loss several nice smallies. The surprise was the largemouth’s. I only caught 4 or 5 that was less than 10 inches. This was the best day that I can remember for catching big fish. I never caught a fish over 3 lbs but they all were running between 12 and 15 inches. I ended the day with 61 bass. Even with the heat it was a very good day. I caught the fish on Zoom craws and shallow crankbaits. The fish are biting if you can stand the heat. I hope to fish Elkhorn later this week. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.



  1. I recently fished a kayak tournament on Stoner and put in at Frymans but didn’t have nearly the success you did. I went up the fork on the right all the way to the bridge but never found any riffles.What part of the creek did you fish?

    • Actually the right fork is Stroge Creek. That pool of water around the bridge is great fishing. That’s were I catch allot of my fish, especially the rock wall on the right starting at the bridge beside the farm house. If you had gone up the creek another 1/4 mile you come to the first riffle. If you continue up Stoner its about another 2 miles pass Stroge Creek before you come to the first riffle. Shortly after that you come to an old mill dam. There is great fishing around the dam. The old mill has been turned into a beautiful house I would love to have. Another place I catch allot of fish is at the mouth of Stroge Creek on the rock wall on the left. Hope this helps.

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