Lake Fishing

With all the rain I believe I could bass fish in my back yard. The creeks are flooded the Lakes are so high and full of debris, it almost impossible to go fishing. It was overcast so I went to the private lake on monday. The great thing is it never gets muddy. My surprise was that the fish would hardly hit top water. After throwing a buzzbait for several hours and only catching 8 to 10 bass I changed to a crankbait. The bite improved but not allot. The fish were very scattered. The weeds are getting so bad that it is hard to fish a crankbait. They were a little deeper 4 to 5 feet. I fished till the storm’s ran me off the lake. I don’t mine the rain but I refuse to fish when it’s lighting. I ended the day with only 29 bass and they were running small, most in the 12 inch range. With all the rain and flooding my wife and I decided to packup and go to Florida where I hoped to fish. I hate to say , but it raining here about as almost as bad as Lexington. Till the next report, hope to see you on the water, when the water returns to normal.


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