My nephew David and I fished Stoner Creek today. The reason we are fishing so much together is that we were suppose to fish the New River this weekend, but the water is to high. It was a tough day. The fish we caught were in the 12 to 14 inch range but they were very scattered. The strange thing was that they were on mud banks and not around much cover. We caught them on shallow crankbaits and a few on plastic craws. At about 5 pm it was like someone turned them off. We couldn’t find them. We finished the day with only 34 and we had several nice smallie’s. I think we are going to try some lake fishing tomorrow. Till the next report, hope to see you on the water.


8 responses to “STONER CREEK REPORT

  1. It was a weird day of fishing but we did boat a couple two pounder bucket mouths and a couple of nice smallies. Maybe tomorrow will be the big day.

  2. The New certainly would have been good for whitewater but not for fishing.
    I actually got a chance to fish the Elkhorn yesterday morning. Caught a dozen or so and miss a few. Couple of 13″ fighters that thought they were citations. Good level and fun. Water was a bit more stained than I expected.

    • Todd I haven’t figured out why the Elkhorn is murky. I went to Stoner yesterday and they have had more rain and it runs thru allot more farming and it was clear. The Elkhorn fishes allot better when it is clear. It looks like I may not be able to fish the New till August. Hope it down by then.

      • Todd Theodore

        I thought the color was a bit strange too. The river we fish up here (little miami river) fishes the same when it’s stained . Which is most of the time.
        I was wondering the name of your friends company on the gorge. I think my wife would like some decent whitewater and I need a guide I can trust. Especially if he knows how to catch Smallies in the gorge. Bonus. I would feel more comfortable with an experienced guide who can row us through .

      • The company is the New River Outfitters. His name is Dewaun Gilkerson. His website is I have been fishing with Dewaun I believe for 9 years. I have never had a bad trip. I like the over night or 2 days of fishing. He has a cabin (house) that you over night in and the food is the best. I have used other guides and have been you know what, but never Dewaun. I am trying to call him now to set up a trip. He can fish 6-8 at a time. The gorge is beautiful and I love the whitewater. The fishing is great. The fish range from 10 to 19 inches but in the current they feel allot bigger. My biggest smallies was 4 lbs 6 oz and you catch a few walleyes and muskies too. If you call him tell him Tommy recommended him.

  3. I fished Stoner Saturday as well with the same results. I was fishing in a kayak tournament and most everyone seemed to say the same thing about not being able to figure out much of a pattern. I caught a few on different lures but most came on a senko on rock bluffs. I would say I averaged 1 or 2 fish an hour. Rough day!

  4. I checked out his site. I’ve always wanted to float/fish from a drift boat. Very popular out west. Don’t see them as often here in the east.
    Does he actually float/fish the gorge? I didn’t see that trip listed. It looked like he runs mainly from Sandstone to above the gorge. The overnight trip w/ the stay in the cabin looks fun.
    Maybe by August the water level will go down. I think even the rafters have been getting blown off here lately. Unbelievable for late June early July.

  5. Dewaun runs from about a mile down below Sandstone Falls to the bridge above Thurman. The first day if you start at Sandstone is fairly calm, not to say there aren’t any rapids. From the Cabin down to Thurman depending on the flow get ready to pucker some. There are a couple of Falls you have to go over. I will be fishing The New July 20th and 21st. Hope this helps.

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