My nephew David and I went to Stoner Creek. With the overcast we just knew the buzzbait bite would be on. We both just love to catch bass on topwater. After launching the boat. We started throwing buzzbaits. We did catch some fish. Just enough to keep things interesting. We finally changed to shallow crankbaits and the bite improved. We didn’t tear them up but caught enough to make it a fun afternoon. The fish were on rocky banks and if there was some wood there it helped allot. We didn’t catch any big fish but we only caught a couple of fish under 10 inches. Our fish all ran between 10 and 14 inches. The good thing was we finally caught some smallmouth’s. We decided to quit due to the threating weather and for once we loaded the boat and got ready to leave just as the storms hit. I can’t believe we didn’t get wet. I’m not sure but that may be a first for us. I had a great time with David and we ended the day with 50 bass. Next weekend David and I are going to fish the New River in W. VA. This will be his first trip. Again the fish are biting so get out there and give them a try. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.



  1. I went to stoner last week and caught 4 bass…all small. The bite was super slow. I can’t imagine a 50 bass day out there from what I have seen. Sure would be nice though. Lets see some pictures next time!

  2. I fished out there Sunday as well and was rewarded with a total of 3 fish. Talked to a bunch of boaters who were fishing in a tournament and the most anyone caught was six. You must be fishing with some kind of top secret lure the rest of us don’t know about.

    • I was wondering what all the boats were doing at Fryman’s. My nephew has a friend that lets us launch below the dam at Fryman’s. The fish there hardly ever see a fisherman, do to the horse farms won’t let anyone in to fish. From the last 2 comments I believe there are some that think I am telling fish stories. My problem is I hardly ever take pictures. The more time I keep a lure in the water the more fish I can catch. Maybe I can talk Nathan into giving me one of his Gopro camera’s and mount it to the boat. I know it is hard to believe but it was hard fishing because we usually catch twice as many. All I can say is what we did. The fish where very shallow and on rocky banks. They would hit after banging a lure off the rocks. I will try to start taking a bunch of picture, but somebody will just say I photo shopped them. Good fishing and Stoner has great fishing.

  3. It was a fun day fishing on stoner. We did boat 50 bass but nothing huge. Like he said 10-14″ was average. Should have been more but I went 0-6 in the last 30 minutes fishing top water. Sorry uncle but I’m a little rusty. Looking forward to New River. Enjoyed another day on stoner. And yes your right for once we didn’t wet it stuck!

  4. Not sure you’ll be on the New this weekend. The Thurmond guage is close to 11′. Some rafting co’s won’t even run that high. Crazy levels in mid June. It’s fun rafting but no way to fish. I’m pretty sure they’re even blown off the sections in VA. That storm last week must have pounded NC.

    • I am watching the guage very close. There is not suppose to be anymore rain. I hope they will slow the release of water from the lakes.

    • You were right Dewaun just called and canceled the trip. Water is to high and it looks like they may release more water due to all the rain in Va. and N. C. It looks like it maybe August before we get to go.

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