I made it down to the creek finally. What a great day. I observed the most wildlife in along time. I saw a mink, a raccoon, muskrats, a beaver and a doe and fawn. The fishing was very good too. Fishing started slow and it took me a while to find a pattern. The fish were in shallow water next to deep holes. If weeds were near that just made it better. For the most part they were hitting flukes and small minnow baits. If the sun was shining the fish were in the shade. I did catch a few fish at the top of the rapids. The only negative was that the fish were small. The small fish were more active than the larger fish. I did catch about a half dozen smallmouth”s that were between 12 and 15 inches. Still the little guys were allot of fun on my ultralite. The water is clear and in the mid 70s. The creek was running alittle over 100 cfs. With the creek running at that level I did hit a few rocks. I end the day with 59 and they were all Smallmouth”s. So the fish are biting and if you can you should give them a try. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.



  1. Next time you decide to go ..give me a call. I live in Georgetown. My cell is 270-350-1416

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