Lake St Clair

I know there are allot of you that will never make it or don”t want to hear about Lake St Clair. If you love to catch Smallmouth’s like I do there is no better place. I just got back from my second trip there. The weather was hot mid 80’s and windy which made fishing hard. The Smallies were hitting unbelievable, most on top water. I was only able to fish 3 days due to a problem with my engine, a bad fuel injector. I caught 126 Smallmouth’s most between 2.5 lbs and 3.5 lbs. My biggest was 3.15 lbs. I plan to fish Elkhorn Wedesday and if I do I will give a report. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.


One response to “Lake St Clair

  1. I fished Elkhorn this weekend and had pretty good luck on tubes with red flakes or red color to them early on. Late in the day they seemed to want a shad profile better. Fish seemed to relate more to the pools below riffles. Our biggest fish was 18in, taken very close to Knight’s Bridge. As always, thanks for the reports.

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