Elkhorn Fishing

I guess you can say that I fished Elkhorn yesterday, but not much. Nathan call me to help him. Tim Farmer of Kentucky Afield was coming to the store and was doing a shoot on the new Native Watercraft propeller kayak. I got to fish from the store to the bridge about half a mile. The water was running about 800 cfs which is to fast for me. I like it at 500 cfs or less. (slow fisherman) The water was clear and 58 degrees. I hooked 6 smallmouths but was only able to get one to the boat. It was a little hard to fish due to allot of moss floating in the water. The fish are biting and I hope to be able to give a better report, after this next cold front passes and we don’t get allot of rain. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.


One response to “Elkhorn Fishing

  1. Please email me at fredsasher@juno.com as I have never fished at Elkhorn creek. I don’t have a boat but would like to back fish, are there any place to go and are the crappie biting?

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