Taylorsville Lake Fishing Report

I decided to go try Taylorsville Lake yesterday afternoon. The water was clear, down about a foot from summer pool and 71 degrees. The water was allot warmer than I had expected. The wind was blowing real good at times. You have to get use to that because the wind seems to always blow there. I started with some plastics, worms and craws. They didn’t like ether. I went to a crankbait and was able to start catching some fish. I have to say it was a difficult day. The fish were on wood in about 5 feet of water, but very scattered. They were hitting the bait very lightly. If I hadn’t had a very sensitive rod I’m not sure if I would have caught most of the fish that I did. I lost twice as many fish as I boated. I ended the day with only 11 bass. The highlight of the trip was right after I launched the boat I observed 2 Bald Eagles flying never Van Buren. They were circling with a Osprey. I saw them again in Candy Creek. I have been told they have a nest on the lake. Till the next report, hope to see you on the water.


One response to “Taylorsville Lake Fishing Report

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