Stoner Creek Report

I made a late decision to go to Fryman’s on Stoner Creek. Am I glad I did.The water was up alittle with some current and as My Dad would say it was gin clear. I don’t think I have ever seen the creek as clear. you could see the bottom in 6 feet of water. I was worried about the duck weed. It has been terrible this summer. There are a few spots about a hundred yard long that the duck week is bad, but for the most part the creek was in great shape to fish. Due to the cloud cover I started with a frog in the duck weed. I must have had 12 – 15 hits, but only caught 2 small largemouth’s. When I got into clean water I started throwing a buzzbait. All I got was arm exercise. I had only one hit for the afternoon. Finally I started throwing a shallow crankbait on a 5 foot ultralite rod. Immediately I started catching fish. The only thing I would change now would be to have a longer rod. I had to make very long cast because I was spooking fish. The longer rod would have helped. The huge surprise was that I started catching smallmouth’s and their size. I never caught a fish under 10 inches and most were 12 to 15 inches. In all the years I have fished Stoner I have never caught smallmouth’s like I did today. I ended the day with 44 smallmouth’s and 18 largemouth’s. I lost as many fish as I caught. It was a great afternoon. You could see the fish swim up and hit the lure, or you would see a wake come in behind the lure. Its hard to wait till you feel the fish hit. I am hoping I maybe able to get back to the creek tomorrow if I’m lucky. Till the next report, hope to see you on the water. By the way I was the only person fishing on the creek.


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