Elkhorn Fishing Report

I fished Elkhorn this afternoon. The water was clear running a little over 100 CFS and 70 degrees. My last trip on Elkhorn I caught almost all big fish, well today I found the little guys. I only caught 4 fish longer than 12 inches and 3 of them were largemouth’s. The fish were located above and just below fast water. They were mainly on the edges. I didn’t catch many in the fast water, but in eddies or behind large rocks. I was having a hard time finding something they would hit. I was at Walmart the other day and I brought a couple of crankbaits made by Arkie. They were small and only run about 6 inches under the water. I tied one on and started catching fish. I was surprised at how well they ran in the fast water, especially for a cheap bait. I would run them though rocks and I never got hung-up. The only thing I didn’t like about them is that I wish they had a bigger hook. I had several fish hooked and they would jump and throw the bait. I ended the day with 39 fish, I just wish they had been bigger. Till the next report , hope to see you on the water.


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