Elkhorn Fishing Report

I went down and fished Elkhorn yesterday. The water was clear, 80 CFS and temp was in the Mid 70s. When I got there it was cloudy so I started throwing a 1/8 oz white Buzzbait that I make. I caught 6 nice fish around Knight Bridge. Then the sun came out and that was the end of the buzzbait bite. I changed to a shallow 2 inch crankbait. There are allot of small minnows in the creek and you would see the bass chasing them at times. I didn’t catch great numbers (34) but I caught great quality fish. I had two that were 16-17 inches and lost several more the same size. I only had 4-5 that were under 10 inches. They were in the swift water with big rocks. I would hook them and they would just stay and fight in the swift water. It was allot of fun fighting them on a ultralite rod. Please remember to take plenty of water with you. When I got to the store Wes received a call from some canoers that one of them was possibly suffering from dehydration. He called Nathan and it took them about 1.5 hours to locate them. I stayed and watched the store. The only question I have was when they got to the store they had a cooler which they said they had taken soft drinks in, but the cooler still had ice water in it. I believe sometimes people don’t think. Anyway till the next report hope to see you on the water.


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