Elkhorn Creek Fishing

I wish I could give a better report. The creek was running about 160 CFS and it had alittle color. The fish were very active. I observed allot of topwater feeding activity. The funny thing was I couldn’t get them to hit any thing on topwater. I was able to catch fish on a fast shallow crankbait. That was until the hurricane hit. I love it when the forecast says 20% chance of rain and all 20% hit you. I didn’t take a rainsuit so I can tell you I got just about drowned. It’s been along time since I was out fishing in as bad a storm as this afternoon. I was about 4 miles from the store when the storm hit and the wind (40+mph) was blowing up the creek. It rained so hard that I could only see a few hundred feet and paddling into the wind was fun too. I did catch 10 bass. one was the biggest largemouth I have ever caught between Knights Bridge and the store.(about 3lbs) I loss about as many as I caught. After the wind died down I couldn’t get a bite. but it was almost impossible to fish due to the leaves covering the water. I hope to try again early next week. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.


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